About International Kendra®

Kendra, affectionately known as ‘KD’, is the powerful and fearless founder of International Kendra®. Which is a phenomenal global movement committed to fearlessly crossing ethnic, religious, cultural, and societal barriers to break systemic chains of oppression, ignorance, brokenness, victimization, and hopelessness through strategic speaking events, social media, international humanitarian efforts, and mentoring.

Since the conception of International Kendra® in 2000, and the official incorporation in 2016, Kendra has traveled to several international places (Malaysia, Ghana, and Nigeria, to name a few), for speaking events, missionary trips, and other humanitarian efforts. She also served as Acting Ambassador for the 2019 International Women’s Empowerment Summit, through the Organization of International Missionaries (OIM) in Ghana – and more!

Additionally, she is the esteemed visionary of The Safe Haven®, a rising initiative to establish transitional shelters in specific African countries for women/girls who are victims of heinous acts of violence (i.e. rape, human trafficking, grievous domestic abuse, incest) due to the imbalances and prejudices in culture and society. Within this refuge, the women will not only find a place to physically and mentally heal, but also a beacon of hope, empowerment, strength, and advocacy. Recently, Kendra created a platform to host her own TV/podcast show, Krucial Konversations with Kendra® (KKK), part of the lineup on PowerPlay TV/Radio Network. With the current global paradigm shift and apocalyptic climate, this platform allows her to reach and positively influence individuals,  communities, and nations with her relevant and timely message, that she may be unable to personally visit.